It’s been gorgeous weather this week with our heat wave in London, and its the perfect time of the year to be sippling a ‘Flight Of The Cucumber cocktail (martini, Hendricks gin, violet, cucumber, lemon & maraschino). Picture sitting alongside southbank devouring that cocktail with the warm sun on your shoulders.  That could have been me.. but alas I had to remain professional and not drink on the job!

 Anyway, I had a lot of fun producing a ‘vlog’ for VlogBiz at the Refinery Bar in London where I was able to watch the Flight of the Cucumber’ being made..(a few times) for our shoot.  

The idea VlogBiz presented to me was to film an interview at the same time as a cocktail was being made in the background.  The bartender and interviewee were both to start at the same time and if the interviewee finished before him, he would get to drink the cocktail.  In the original proposal it was suggested that I the videographer would drink the cocktail if he ran out of time…

 The shoot went to plan and the interviewee was fortunate to finish in time to claim his prize!  However for me duty called as there was still editing to do. I have a feeling however, I might return in the not too distant future, the PassionFruit Mojito did catch my eye.4622263414_341x191 4622214491_342x193