Music Videos

Are you a band looking for a Videographer in London?
Natasha offers music videos, gig filming, band artwork and band promo videos!

Natasha Barber is a freelance Videographer and editor in London with a passion for music. If you are looking for someone creative, imaginative, and experimental to work on your music video project, you’ve come to the right place. “Im hugely passionate about music, and love to work with independent artists and raw talent. As a teenager I grew up in the age of grunge and had my own band, I still play guitar today and am fascinated by all styles of music from rock, grunge, indie, regaee, punk, world and latin music. I have worked on pop videos in the past but prefer to focus on the genres of music listed above as they are generally more open to creative expression. ”

Natasha studied a fine arts degree first year and media arts hons degree ten years ago and since then has worked in television and with her own freelance clients. Her first insight into the music industry was working for MTV at the beginning of her career. During this time Natasha learnt how to film and edit promo packages for bands such as REM, The Killers, Placebo, Kasabian, and New Order amongst others.
Natasha is able to offer a range of packages to bands and is an artist skilled at hand rendered art work as well as videography: she can provide band artwork for CD/DVD or general promotion (photographic, computer generated or hand drawn).

If you are in a position where you would like to produce a music video for your band but find yourself on a restricted budget Natasha is currently offering some excellent studio based packages where by you can share a filming day with other other bands (to make it more viable). These videos are great for raw talent and have a ‘live’ feel but can be built around your brand image. This gives bands the chance to have a professional video on a lower budget. Please contact Natasha for more details.

Alternatively if you would like to work on a concept music video, and have a respectable budget to work with we can brainstorm together to find a concept that works for your band. Please get in touch with some information about your music, a link to your song and if you have a concept in mind, please outline that in your email.