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“5  Top Tips – How to be confident on camera and create films that capture your personality!” 

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My first big tip is VISUALISATION. Let’s say you have an amazing business with a unique offering and you have decided to share your expertise in the most effective online communication method available… (video off course).  However, when you start filming yourself and play back your recording you realise you are stumbling, rambling and your personality isn’t shining through as much as you’d want it to. Maybe you had a vision of growing a fan base on You Tube, connecting with your Facebook group members and growing your Instagram but when push comes to shove you realise that on camera you suddenly lose all your charisma. Well is it a wonder with all that inner dialogue and chaos, dreams, planning etc… what you need is a totally blank canvas! So rub out all that s**t (FYI I’m referring to the chaos not your previous recordings) (: and start fresh with some visualisation exercises! You know it makes sense! 9;

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Feeling a bit ridiculous?

If you are new to this you need to first get past the hurdle of feeling ridiculous, inferior, self-conscious etc.  Rest assured that even people who generally appear full of confidence can freeze when it comes to their piece to camera and this is nothing to do with you but a very common obstacle for all presenters. Please believe me that with practice you will find it in you to deliver awesome pieces to camera, it is a process though and takes a little patience.


At the risk of sounding cliché, you need to show yourself the love!

My first tip gives you a stellar opportunity to engage in some self-love visualisation YAY (;! For those of you who have not tried meditation or visualisation before this is THE no 1 way to quieten your mind and shut down all negativity.

Our objective here is for you to be totally comfortable and full of positive energy when delivering your presentation to camera. This means you need to be totally YOU and not distracted by any negative dialogue in the mind so it means closing down the chaos for a short while and finding your peace so that you can speak authentically in your video.

I’d recommend searching on You Tube for any meditation/visualisation to do with subjects such as ‘I am’ ‘me in my essence’ ‘self-confidence’ ‘trust in self’ “embracing my uniqueness” etc.  (I personally loooove Jason Stephenson’s channel (I’m not affiliated in any way).  There are a ton of awesome meditation channels there so have a browse and pick something that feels right for you.


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In the words of Morcheeba …‘Its all part of the process’

Try to get into a habit of doing this so regularly that you will soon be able to tap into your meditation skills no matter where you are (and without needing a prop (You Tube).

When it comes to your filming day, review your plan for filming and then put it aside. Put your headphones on, whack up the volume and listen to your favourite guided visualisation for at least 10 minutes. When you finish, look at your filming plan again. Notice how you feel much more relaxed and confident to address the task at hand. Position yourself in front of the camera and start recording…You will undoubtedly feel more connected to yourself without such harsh self-judgement which will help you tremendously in your delivery.

I hope you will take the time to try out this tip and let me know if it makes a difference for you. I’ll be releasing a blog for each of the 5 points so make sure you come back to read the other tips over the next few days.

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