Filming in london oxford st & London bridge – video promo with ‘savy women’s circle’

I had great fun on a recent shoot for ‘Savy Women’s Circle’ recently. My client was looking for a freelance videographer in London to produce a professional film for their website. After discussing the clients intentions (there was mention of a talking heads testimonial video) I was able to suggest a more exciting theme which related to their target audience.

 Instead of a luke-warm video we opted for a more energetic and vibrant concept to capture the attention of women to the site, and also to encourage them to join the network.  We decided to focus on a group of girl friends who juggle professional working lives with a good social life.  It was important to stick to a set budget on this shoot so we were slightly restricted and needed to carefully select locations and a theme that could work in our time frame.  

 Filming took place around London with some lovely models who were more than happy to strike a pose and keep moving quickly to the next locations.  After filming in London Bridge and Oxford St we took some fun poses of the girls against different street backdrops to give it a light and positive feel.

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