A Freelance videographer in London

I’m a friendly and skilled, freelance videographer and freelance video editor in London. I grew up in Wales with an abundance of natural beauty to inspire me. I have always loved the sea, dancing and music and for many years I explored these things through art, installations and painting. I decided to pursue art in college and university and it was there that I found a new outlet for my creativity in film making.

I joined a BA (Hons) in Media Arts where we were encouraged to create art films that were unique and experimental. I really relished in the opportunity to be completely free with my creativity and knew that a career in video production would suit me well.

Since graduating and working in the industry I’ve learnt a lot. In the early days I worked as a runner and a production assistant to get some experience. A freelance videographer is a little more restrictive than being a video artist and I have adapted over time to be able to offer different filming approaches and editing styles to my clients. I soon realised that what I really wanted was to work on the full production process from start to finish.

For me filming is only half of the job, good editing is also vital. As a videographer in London, I have spent many years perfecting my filming and editing techniques. There is always more to learn and new kit to acquire, but I have gained some solid experience and knowledge that only comes from working with a multitude of different project briefs. Im excited about the boom in video online and expanding my client base in this busy time.